Data Installation

Network cables are designed to carry data and information to and from computers, switches, storage area networks and routers. There are many different kinds of communication cables available. Which cables are right for your circumstances depends on many different factors, such as the nature of your overall system and your specific requirements. Twisted pair cables are the most commonly-used cables for businesses including companies working in industries like retail and the commercial sector.

Clean Up Your Rack

Our Technicians can take your rack and with the help of cable management can give you a rack plan so that you can instantly recognise what cables you need to make your Vlans work correctly and efficiently

Installation and Certification Structured Cabling

We can Install structured Cabling for your new building to the latest AS/NZS Standards, with full As-Builts and rack designs, fully tested and certified. we Can Supply Cat6 or Cat6A FTP or UTP to MOE Standards.

CAT6 is often seen as one of the best solutions for home customers as it can deliver all the speed you need to perform everyday tasks like downloading, streaming and gaming. It may also be seen as a worthwhile solution for small-to-medium office environments. There are two types of CAT6 available, which are the standard CAT6 and CAT6A. CAT6 will normally set you back 50% more than CAT5, whilst CAT6A will cost 50% more than CAT6. CAT6A is designed around more tightly-twisted conductors and also has separators between wires so crosstalk can be reduced or eliminated, and insulation can be enhanced. Modular connectors are often needed to connect the cables.

Installation and Certification of Fibre Optic Networks

Fibre optic cabling is often used in environments where high bandwidths are required, such as data centres, banks and hospitals, though more and more companies from various different industries are now opting for fibre optic network cable installation due to the substantial volumes of data that it supports. Fibre optic cabling can connect CCTV systems, broadband, telephones and computer networks and is generally seen as a faster and more reliable alternative to copper. It is capable of carrying vast volumes of data, which makes it an ideal option for various bigger organisations. Another good reason for choosing fibre optic cabling is that it can deliver clearer phone calls thanks to the reduced signal degradation on offer. Fibre optic cabling has light power demands and has a high carrying capacity.

Ministry of Education Standards Update Presentation v5.0

The long-anticipated revision of the NZ primary cabling standard – AS/NZS 3080 – has been released, bringing with it significant changes to the way ICT infrastructure is provided. These are fundamental revisions of the current standards that are applied in day to day designs, specifications and tender submissions. Once the new standards are ratified, referring to the old editions of the standards would be erroneous, unprofessional and, in some cases illegal.

Phil Earl, Technical Director

Our Technicians can setup your Home Office or Business WIFI so you don’t miss that important video meeting
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